I Love Politics!

Funny Political Satire

Let Image Blitz Tell You The Truth!

The Truth About Health Insurance In America

The Future Of America???

How Unfair Is This???

Child Abuse In Public Schools

Demands From The Occupy Wall Street Losers

Ten Reasons Why It Is Great To Be An American

The TRUE Unemployment Rate

Why Romney Lost

Obama is an embarrassing failure

Obama Sucks

This Is So Incredibly Scary

If Americans Had A Picnic

The Fiscal Cliff

No Reason At All To Vote For This Disaster

If Thousands Of These People Huddled Together,
They Wouldn't Be Able To Locate An IQ Point
With A Telescope And The Batsignal

You Might Be A Liberal If....

How would President Westphal fix the economy?
Almost everything can be handled by the private sector!

The War On Poverty is a Joke

Big Lies In Politics

How much of your paycheck goes to what?
Way too much goes to the monstrosity that is our bureaucracy!

America's Greediest Companies

Demographics Of Senatorial Constituents

Demographics Of Congressional Constituents

What could be bought with the massive libertarian Westphal tax cuts?

The Nine Stages Of Every Democracy

This is Libertarianism In A Nutshell

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