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Noun or adjective, Latin/Middle English origin in 1595.
1. Keen eyesight.
2. One that observes with close attention.

I believe that most struggling students do not have a deficiency with a particular subject.

In truth, they are lacking at least one of the following:
1) Practice
2) Teacher availability
3) Confidence
4) A different method of learning

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and I pledge to use my communication skills and mathematical expertise to overcome the real or perceived weaknesses of my students.

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* Tutoring since 1994, recently became full-time and still growing!
* Missed one question on Math section of SAT, December 1994
* Excellent communication skills to encourage understanding of concepts
* Self-sufficient, independent, patient with students
* Good sense of humor to make it as fun as possible...relaxation improves performance!
* Skilled at approaching lessons from more than one direction...people learn differently
* Great attention to detail and terrific problem solver
* 11 years experience as Data Analyst in corporate setting (Coca-Cola Enterprises and Verizon among others)
* Masters in Business Administration, 2003 (completed six months early)
* Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration/Statistics, 1999

* Mathematics (Geometry, Algebra, Algebra II, Trigonometry, College Algebra, Finite Math)
* Test Prep (SAT Math, GMAT Math, GED Math, CRCT Math, ITBS Math, GRE Math, SAT II Math I, SAT II Math II, EOCT Math, ACT Math, ASVAB Math, Graduation exams, GHSGT)

* Focused on High School Aged and Up

* Experience with all skill levels and life situations
* ADD, Autism, Learning Disability, Career-Changer Back In School, GED, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Gifted, Advanced Placement, Night School
* People who want to brush up on weaknesses in a favorite subject
* People who want to be done FOREVER with a dreaded subject

Serving These Areas
I typically go to a student's home, but sometimes we meet at a library, coffee shop, or similar quiet and public place.
Remember that fuel is tax-deductible for me, so I come to you!

I am interested in providing value to you---quality tutoring at the market rate.

I do not charge too high just to get rich and to alienate my customers. I do not charge too little to be overwhelmed, and therefore compromise my quality.

I charge $25/hour for all students.

"David is one of the smartest guys I know. He can do math in his head, and it does not matter how tough the math problem is he will amaze you in what he can do. He can tutor anyone with any subject and the person will improve their grades in no time at all. A college student, a child, an adult in college, it does not matter. David is a perfect person to have as your tutor. I am considering going back to school at the age of 35. I will have him be my tutor if I need one."
Ronda H., Snellville, Georgia

"David was a great help to me as an adult learner. He tutored me through my math requirement when I returned to school to finish my degree. He explains the work to you so anyone can understand, and works through problems with you if you are stuck. That was important to me since I had not been in a classroom in 20 years."
James P., Acworth, Georgia

"David is brilliant. He has tutored both of my daughters, Brittany and Sydnie, as well as many others. I am very happy to see he is venturing out into this field. I think he will be extremely successful."
Melissa B., Norcross, Georgia

"I am an adult learner who has returned to school after many years in the workforce. I was apprehensive about finding a tutor that could be comfortable with working with students of any age but Dave has been incredible. If I cannot understand what is being asked he restates the problem in such a way that I can grasp. He is not judgmental in the slightest about my knowledge level. I would recommend David to a friend or for their children without hesitation."
Eric S., Marietta, Georgia

Success Stories
* Tutored learning disabled student who failed math section of graduation test six times. Needing a 70, she made 67,68,68,69,69, and 69. I helped her when I was home for Christmas break and she made an 82 in January.

* Helped a friend prepare for the GRE so he could become an FBI agent. He raised his math score from 440 to 570 and is now an FBI agent!

* Assisted a political science major and self-proclaimed "non-math" student at West Georgia for GRE. She steadily improved over the course of six weeks and is eager to apply to her dream graduate school!

* Helped an army veteran with a finite math course to finish the University of Alabama online. He was a "back-to-schooler" who finished with an 86 in the course!

* Instructed a nontraditional college student who was rusty with algebra. She had had no math in seven years and missed an A by one point!

* Assisted an ADD student in math. He told me that math actually seemed fun for the first time and proceeded to make his first B in math!

* Tutored a future chiropractor who was a senior in high school in trigonometry. Math was not his strong point, and he wanted to do well in it to get into a nearby college. He is now a sophomore there!


* Married since April 22, 2006
* Father since August 18, 2013
* Native to Georgia since 1985
* Originally from Omaha, Nebraska
* Born in 1977

Sports, Movies, Travel, Reading, Politics, Trivia

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