My Letter To Jiffy Lube

On December 14th, 2009, I drove my 1999 Toyota Camry to Jiffy Lube Store #818 in Acworth, Georgia. This store had always been a quick, inexpensive, and pleasant location for servicing all of my vehicles over the years. What should have been a typically ideal experience transformed into exasperation that finds me writing to you as a last resort. My wife and I are now in a situation where we face the prospect of never setting foot in a Jiffy Lube store ever again.

My complaint centers on my vehicle being refilled with an insufficient amount of oil. The engine light came on only when I was stranded in a rural area 53 miles from home on a cold winter morning on the way to an appointment for my tutoring business. When my mechanic, Dean Walker, saw the vehicle, he stated that my "engine rod was dry of oil, if engine would have had enough oil in it, the rod would not have went through the block…also there was no oil on the dipstick”. Certified since 1994 and armed with ten years as a sole proprietor, Walker also added that the vehicle was out of oil “for no reason other than Jiffy Lube’s negligence”. The engine was destroyed because I trusted employees of your previously reliable corporation.

Toyota Camrys are well-known to be excellent vehicles, and the purchase my wife and I made on May 10, 2004 has proved to be no exception. The Camry has had no other major repairs in our seven years of ownership. It behooves me to state that Jiffy Lube failed to mention anything wrong with the sedan on that fateful Sunday afternoon in 2009.

Jiffy Lube has collected thousands of dollars from me in exchange for excellent customer service in every way. However, you stand to lose an estimated $3,000 a month thanks to negative word-of-mouth nationwide. We emailed about 300 people regarding our unwarranted suffering. If each recipient uses Jiffy Lube every three months at $30 per visit, your company is looking at significant financial damage. This economic harm can be avoided if you handle this situation properly.

The number one way to displease your customers is to treat them unfairly without contrition. The number one way for me to get even is to boycott your firm. Considering the history of quality always exhibited by Jiffy Lube, I would rather not engage in such an action. If Jiffy Lube is almost sorry for what happened to me, then your business in Acworth (among other places) will almost benefit from my negative word of mouth. Reimbursement for my troubles is much cheaper than acquiring new customers. An unhappy consumer tells seven times more people than a satisfied one does.

We feel your customer service department and Manager John Melillo should have been more forthcoming in assisting us with the $5,120 expenses associated with rebuilding the vehicle. My email address book contains hundreds of people who believe we should have been treated properly. My wife and I have family and friends in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orlando, and of course, all over Georgia.

We truly hope that you exhibit integrity and leadership at the highest level by rectifying the situation, therefore preventing further desecration of one of America’s most well-known companies. Anything you can do in our favor would greatly improve our life; a married couple with two jobs sharing a car in the Atlanta area could never be described as idyllic. Failure to do anything in our favor will escalate the negative campaign pertaining your organization.

We look forward to your best effort at resolution.

David A. Westphal
Dean Walker

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