My Bucket List

These are all things I have done or haven't done yet. Some of them are most likely not going to happen, but I can dream can't I?
I was born in 1977, if you needed to do the math on these.


  1. Learn To Swim. Omaha in 1982. A cute 17-year-old lifeguard named Paula certainly helped me get better.
  2. Learn To Ride A Bike Efficiently And Safely. Omaha in 1982.
  3. Go Sledding. Memorial Park in Omaha in 1983. A huge hill. So much fun.
  4. Solve The Rubik's Cube! 1985 in Omaha. It was past my bedtime by the time I solved it.
  5. Go Tubing. Lake Burton, Georgia in 1986. Fun except for cutting my knee open on a tree stump.
  6. Learn To Play Ping Pong. 1986. At the Lake Burton house as noted above.
  7. Learn To Play Solitaire. 1986. I am not too bad.
  8. Learn To Play Gin Rummy. 1986. It's been awhile.
  9. Learn To Play Chess. 1988. I love to play, but I suck.
  10. Visit A Planetarium. Huntsville Space Center, Huntsville, Alabama. 1989. Awesome.
  11. Catch A Foul Ball At A Major League Baseball Game. June 21, 1991. Mets At Braves. Thrown by Charlie Leibrandt and hit by Dave Magadan.
  12. Learn To Play Pool. 1993. I am average at best at this.
  13. Watch A Baseball Game At Wrigley Field. 1993. I saw a tie believe it or not.
  14. Bowl A Strike. 1994 in Snellville, Georgia. I was average.
  15. Learn How To Ice Skate. 1994 in Duluth, Georgia. I took to it pretty quickly, but didn't really enjoy it.
  16. Go Camping. 1997 in Florida. It sucked. It's just pretending to be homeless.
  17. Visit A Renaissance Fair. 1998 in Florida. Mixed bag I guess.
  18. Attend A Midnight Movie Premiere. Saving Private Ryan in 1998.
  19. See Van Halen In Concert. Philips Arena in Atlanta in 2004.
  20. Meet Dominique Wilkins. Met him at a Health Expo in Atlanta in 2008.

  21. Life
  22. Have A Pet. Four cats since 1988.
  23. Start Your Own Business. 1994. I have a tutoring business, mostly on Craigslist.
  24. Be Inducted Into A Hall Of Fame. 1995. Quiz Bowl Hall of Fame at my high school.
  25. Start A Blog. 1998. You're reading it. I pray you aren't that stupid.
  26. Get A Bachelors Degree. August 1999. In Statistics.
  27. Donate To Goodwill. Every year since 1999.
  28. Donate Blood. 2001 because of 9/11.
  29. Find The Love Of Your Life. November 5, 2001.
  30. Shave Your Head. God took most of my hair. The barber took the rest. 2002.
  31. Be Able To Read And Understand Financial Documents. MBA School in 2002.
  32. Get An MBA. December 2003.
  33. Have All Of The Insurance That You Need To Protect Yourself From Risk. 2005. When we were engaged.
  34. Get Married. April 22, 2006. Best day of my life.
  35. Become Financially Literate. 2006 when I was laid off. Wish I had learned it sooner.
  36. Create A Financial Strategy. 2006.
  37. Sit On A Jury. 2006 for a DUI.
  38. Become An Early Riser. 5am ever since a bad commute in 2008 forced it.
  39. Stop Worrying About Things Which Are Not Within Your Control. Very hard for me, but this commenced in 2009.
  40. Create A Web Site. Started tutoring website in 2009.
  41. Have A Child. Kevin David Westphal. August 18, 2013.

  42. Travel
  43. Washington, DC. 1989
  44. Visit Disney World. 1989
  45. Chicago. 1993
  46. New York City. 1995
  47. Travel Solo. Went to Texas in 2001 for seven days. A quarter-life crisis I suppose.
  48. The Everglades. 2003
  49. Hawaii. 2006
  50. San Francisco. 2008
  51. The San Diego Zoo. 2009
  52. Hollywood. 2009
  53. Be A Member In The Audience Of A TV Show. Dr. Phil. 2009

Not Yet
  1. Watch An Eclipse.
  2. Become A Triathlete.
  3. Learn To Play Racquet Ball.
  4. Go Snowmobiling.
  5. Go To A Shooting Range.
  6. Take A Basic Self-Defense Class.
  7. Learn Ballroom Dancing.
  8. Go White Water Rafting.
  9. Go On A Helicopter Ride.
  10. Ride A Dune Buggy In The Desert.
  11. Watch All The Films On My Wish List.
  12. Meet Fred McGriff.
  13. Meet Aaron Rodgers.
  14. Go On A Shopping Spree.
  15. Meet Bruce Willis.
  16. Create A Youtube Video.
  17. Write A Best-Selling Book.
  18. A Role In A Movie.
  19. Throw Out The First Pitch At A Major League Baseball Game.
  20. Watch A Basketball Game At Madison Square Garden.
  21. Attend The Super Bowl.
  22. Attend The World Series.
  23. Be Invited To The Playboy Mansion.
  24. Attend A Murder Mystery Dinner.

  25. Life
  26. Become Fluent In Spanish.
  27. Become A Better Public Speaker By Joining Toastmasters.
  28. Meet The President Of The United States. I met Jimmy Carter in 1992, but he wasn't President anymore.
  29. Get Out Of Debt.
  30. Retire.
  31. Become A Millionaire.
  32. Raise A Happy And Healthy Child.
  33. Volunteer Time At An Animal Shelter.
  34. Have A Street Named After You.

  35. Travel
  36. Venice
  37. Go On A Cruise.
  38. Sleep In An Overnight Train.
  39. The Grand Canyon
  40. See The Northern Lights.
  41. Death Valley
  42. Redwoods in California
  43. Yosemite
  44. Tokyo
  45. Ayers Rock
  46. Yellowstone
  47. Rio De Janeiro
  48. Athens
  49. Moscow
  50. The Pyramids of Egypt
  51. Stonehenge
  52. Sydney
  53. London
  54. Rome
  55. Barcelona
  56. Istanbul
  57. Paris
  58. Florence
  59. Machu Picchu
  60. Petra, Jordan
  61. The Great Wall Of China
  62. The Taj Mahal, India
  63. Boston
  64. Jerusalem
  65. Salzburg, Austria
  66. Hong Kong
  67. Mecca
  68. The Leaning Tower Of Pisa
  69. Visit All Continents
  70. Oslo & The Fjords of Norway
  71. Visit Auschwitz
  72. Historic Williamsburg, Virginia
  73. Seattle
  74. Visit The Four Corners.
  75. Las Vegas
  76. Atlantic City
  77. See Mount Rushmore.
  78. Boston
  79. Go To The Pike Place Market In Seattle.
  80. Visit All 50 States.
  81. Oktoberfest - The World's Largest Fair
  82. Brazilian Carnival - The Biggest Party On Earth
  83. Mardi Gras In New Orleans
  84. Fly First Class.
  85. Carnegie Hall
  86. A Broadway Play
  87. New York in December
  88. Go To The Rose Parade On New Year's Day

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