Major League Baseball is part of our national heritage. It has been adored by Presidents and ditchdiggers alike. The best way to express my feelings about baseball can be found in the 1989 film Field of Dreams when James Earl Jones refers to baseball being America's one constant. Baseball is forever imbedded in our future and will continue to serve as a link of the young to the old.

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Atlanta Braves
National League
1914 1914 1969 Henry Aaron
1957 19481982Tom Glavine
199519571991Greg Maddux
19581992Eddie Matthews
19911993Dale Murphy
19921995Phil Niekro
19951996 John Smoltz
19961997Warren Spahn

Team Description
American League
National League
King of the Mountain
New York Yankees
Los Angeles Dodgers
Rabid Fans That Hate The King
San Francisco
Blue Collar Midwest Cities With Great Tradition
St. Louis
Rust Belt Teams With More Tradition Than You Think
A Long History of Sharing Suffering
Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs
They Wish Every Decade Was The 1970s
Mostly Bad In Multiple Cities
Bad Except For One Good Stretch
"Other" Teams In Big Cities That Have Mostly Suffered
Los Angeles Angels
New York Mets
One World Series And Later Switched Leagues
Canada's Current And Former Teams
Football Cities Whose Fans Can't Trust Bad Owners
Kansas City
Western Teams With Mostly Losing
Western Teams With Even More Losing
San Diego
Beaches, Mountains, Football, Losing
Tampa Bay

2013 Postseason Predictions
Los Angeles Dodgers 3, St. Louis 0
Atlanta 3, Cincinnati 1 (Pittsburgh is the loser of the one-game wild card)
Boston 3, Tampa Bay 0 (Texas is the loser of the one-game wild card)
Detroit 3, Oakland 1

Los Angeles 4, Atlanta 2
Detroit 4, Boston 3

Detroit 4, Los Angeles 2

My Suggested Braves Lineups For 2013
Against Left-Handed Pitching (Starting Catcher)
Against Right-Handed Pitching (Starting Catcher)
Against Left-Handed Pitching (Backup Catcher)
Against Right-Handed Pitching (Backup Catcher)
Andrelton Simmons SS
Andrelton Simmons SS
Andrelton Simmons SS
Ramiro Pena SS
Freddie Freeman 1B
Jason Heyward RF
Freddie Freeman 1B
Jason Heyward RF
Justin Upton LF
Justin Upton LF
Justin Upton LF
Justin Upton LF
Chris Johnson 3B
Brian McCann C
Chris Johnson 3B
Dan Uggla 2B
Dan Uggla 2B
Juan Francisco 3B
Dan Uggla 2B
Juan Francisco 3B
Brian McCann C
Freddie Freeman 1B
Evan Gattis C
Freddie Freeman 1B
Jason Heyward RF
Dan Uggla 2B
Jason Heyward RF
Evan Gattis C
Reed Johnson CF
Jordan Schafer CF
Reed Johnson CF
Jordan Schafer CF
*Rotation should be Mike Minor, Kris Medlen, Paul Maholm, Tim Hudson, and Julio Teheran

Favorite Player Ever: Fred McGriff
Favorite Pitcher Ever: John Smoltz
Most Hated Player Ever: Barry Bonds
Most Hated Pitcher Ever: Roger Clemens
Player I Would Pay Good Money To See In His Prime: Mike Piazza
Pitcher I Would Pay Good Money To See In His Prime: Greg Maddux
Best With The Glove: Ozzie Smith
Best Tape-Measure Home Runs: Jose Canseco
Player Who Made The Least Of His Talent: Darryl Strawberry
Player Who Made The Most Of His Talent: David Eckstein
Best Stadium I Have Been To: Wrigley Field
Worst Stadium I Have Been To: Metrodome
Most Supportive Fans (always show up): Chicago Cubs
Least Supportive Fans (show up only when they win): Florida Marlins
Most Knowledgeable Fans: St. Louis Cardinals
Least Knowledgeable Fans: Texas Rangers
Best Uniforms: Los Angeles Dodgers
Worst Uniforms: Toronto Blue Jays
Best Caps: Kansas City Royals
Worst Caps: Toronto Blue Jays
Best Announcers: Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren
Most Passionate Fans (show up and are vocal): Boston Red Sox
Least Passionate Fans (don't show up and don't care): Atlanta Braves
Ten Teams I Like (in order): Atlanta, Kansas City, Chicago Cubs, Boston, Detroit, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Chicago White Sox, St. Louis, Cleveland
Ten Teams That Are So-So (in order): Seattle, Los Angeles Angels, Oakland, Texas, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati, Colorado, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco
Ten Teams I Hate (in order): New York Mets, Philadelphia, Florida, Toronto, New York Yankees, Washington, Minnesota, Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona, Pittsburgh


Ten Memorable Braves Moments In Person

1. June 21, 1991 vs New York Mets
The Atlanta Braves defeated the New York Mets 4-2. I had just completed eighth grade and the hated Dodgers were leading the division. This game is not memorable to any Braves fan. I caught a ball off the bat of Dave Magadan, first baseman for New York. Charlie Leibrandt threw the pitch and Magadan hit it RIGHT INTO my glove! I was the happiest 14-year-old alive.

2. July 20, 1993 vs St. Louis
The Braves were WAY behind Barry Bonds and San Francisco in the standings. Before the game, a luxury suite caught on fire and the game was delayed two hours. St. Louis took a 5-0 lead. Then Fred McGriff launched a home run that brought excitement to a ho-hum team. Atlanta 8, St Louis 5. The Braves go on to win the last exciting pennant race (thanks to the creation of the wild card), as the Giants won the second most games in baseball but watched the playoffs at home.

3. October 6, 2005 vs Houston
That hated Roger Clemens against my boy John Smoltz. Brian McCann hit a three-run homer (as a rookie!) off of Clemens and the Braves evened the series at one game each.

4. October 7, 2004 vs Houston
The Braves were trailing 2-0 at the seventh inning stretch. It looked like the series would shift to Houston and the Astros would complete the sweep at home. They scratched with single runs in the 7th and 8th. In the bottom of the 11th, Rafael Furcal hit a two-run homer. The Braves won 4-2 and I chanted and chopped all the way home.

5. October 12, 2001 vs Houston
31 days had passed since the most horrible day in American history. But life would go on so I checked out of work early and went to see the Braves eliminate Houston in the playoffs. The national anthem and the patriotic atmosphere was something very special. The long line at security was well worth the wait.

6. June 29, 1991 vs Los Angeles
This was a Saturday night with a full house against Los Angeles. Tommy Lasorda is the only good thing associated with the Dodgers. He was ejected in the top of the ninth inning much to the delight of me and 52,000 people at the old "Chop Shop". LA won 2-1 in 11 innings.

7. September 18, 2000 vs New York Mets
The New York Mets had built their team to compete with the hated Braves. They strolled into town ready to make a statement. Atlanta had other ideas and star catcher Mike Piazza didn't have enough support from his mates. The Braves went on to eke out the 2000 East title by one game over New York.

8. June 7, 1995 vs Chicago Cubs
After high school graduation practice, I went to a day game...Braves and Cubs. The Braves won the game and the World Series that year. Mark Wohlers struck out four Cubs in the ninth inning (the third strikeout went to the backstop and Javy Lopez could not find the ball). This record has been tied hundreds of times. So at least I get to say I went to a game during their World Series winning year.

9. May 22, 1986 vs Chicago Cubs
I left school early and I had seen the Braves so many times on tv, but I had only dreamed of seeing them in person. The Braves registered one of their few wins of that year on that day.

10. June 16, 2001 vs Boston
I scored tickets to see the Braves against Boston. John Burkett pitched a phenomenal game and baffled the Red Sox 8-0. A sellout crowd was on hand and the Braves caught up with Philadelphia to win their 10th consecutive division title.

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