What Exactly Is A Libertarian?

A lot of people have asked me "what exactly is a libertarian"?

This story (not really a joke) was sent to me by a client of mine, a member of the Georgia Libertarian Party........the guy in the story just HAPPENS to be named Dave. Enjoy!

Three politicians walk into a bar.

Newt slips on the floor and suffers a concussion. He says "It's the market's fault. In a properly-functioning market, any business which harbors such dangerous conditions and poses such a nuisance to its customers would eventually be forced to either change its practices or fail." He starts a competing bar across the street, one with safer conditions and without standing water, and proceeds to run the careless bar owner out of business. In the process, he finds Jesus, becomes President of the NRA, becomes a multi-millionaire, and crusades against AIDS funding. Newt is a conservative.

Next, Hillary slips on the floor and suffers a concussion. She says "It's the government's fault. It ought to be illegal to have standing water in a place where people could get hurt." She proceeds to draft a ballot initiative to establish a new government agency, The Bureau of Public Standing Water Depth and Width, which in tandem with The Agency of Drinking Establishments, underneath the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms under the Department of Justice under the Attorney General will regulate the depth and width of standing water in public places so as to avoid injury. She gives a speech stating that any establishment who fails to cooperate with a monthly inspection will be fined by a government bureaucrat with a bad combover and no soul. Hillary is a liberal.

Then, Dave the Libertarian slips on the floor, looks up and states "I should have watched where the hell I was going."

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