The Truth About Uninsured Americans

President Obama claimed in 2012 that 46 million Americans do not have health insurance. While this may be factually true, it is doubtless to be practically false. Obama fails to explain the circumstances of each supposedly uninsured (and some uninsurable) American. Below is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about health insurance in this country.

Number of supposedly uninsured people in the United States 46,000,000
Illegal aliens---I don't know much but I know that the Constitution does not guarantee health care for anyone.
It sure as hell shouldn't guarantee it for a criminal who is in this country illegally!
Emergency Rooms admit illegal aliens for hangnails all the time.
That leaves us with 34,000,000
Next we take away people who are chronically uninsured. Most of these are people who contracted a very serious condition that insurance companies would have been unable to avoid paying if the patient had taken responsibility by purchasing health insurance when her or she was well. (15,000,000)
And now we are down to 19,000,000
What about young people who would rather spend their money on leisure instead of health insurance? (10,000,000)
Still unaccounted for 9,000,000
Miscellaneous---People who are eligible for Medicare/Medicaid/S-chip and don't know it, People in between health insurance providers at survey time, People about to get married or about to get divorced, People who just changed jobs, and People mistaken about their insurance eligibility (9,000,000)
Number of people denied treatment in the Emergency Room in the United States per year

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