Riley & Smokey

in Daddy's chair
Getting along
above the fridge
Napping in the
office trash
Growling with
the loofa
Mama and Daddy
aren't home

The Rilenator
Riley was born on May 19, 2006. My lawnmower needed repair, and he was living in the guy's garage. He takes his name from "the life of Riley"--meaning to have an easy life. He is the most mischievous cat you will ever see but Lisa and I have not kicked him out yet. His favorite thing is picking fights with his bigger but more passive brother. I look forward to the day that Smokey hauls off and whoops his ass.

The Smokestack
Smokey was born on May 16, 2006. I got him out of the paper as a playmate a week after we got Riley. He resembles Smokey The Bear but needs to spend less time worrying about forest fires and more time defending himself against Riley the Bully. It is so hilarious when Smokey holds a toy in his mouth and growls at Riley to taunt him.

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